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Beauty is just the beginning

Hello and welcome to Vashaya Beauty Bar. I am beyond excited to discuss beauty, motherhood, diet and you. This has truly been a journey for me and I can only imagine how everyone is reaccessing their lives. What I can say is I have truly began a journey of looking inward. Beauty is such a complex topic and I am truly excited to talk about it. What is beauty to you? What makes you feel beauty? Simple question, however, does beauty means what ever is trending? I am always struck when woman come to the beauty bar and they show me pictures of woman that the feel are beautiful. The filters the airbrushed version or surgically altered faces that look more like plastic than beautiful skin. Don't get me wrong I love flawless skin! I have done botox and honestly I recommend it but again everything in moderation. So again we have been home for over a year and now people are reemerging into society? How are you defining beauty? What will be you new beauty statement? I realized with being a mom with limited time for myself I no longer wish to have my hair long so i shave it every two weeks. I feel like beautiful manicured eyebrows and gorgeous lashes are enough for me. Now that things are slowly going back to normal I have been actually wearing lipstick and I love it! Let's dive into beauty and discuss you I want to hear what your feeling!

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